My Prayer for Nigeria: A Canaan we must build!

We started another year again the greetings go back and forth, the prayer points go back forth we pray for good health , prosperity and so many things. We use the new media like never before! These personal prayers are all good  but do we pray with as much fervour for the things that will really make a difference to our common destiny.Our Common destiny dictates our individual destiny!

The destiny of our great nation is in our hands and we decide if we take it back or we let it slide further into oblivion! We decided to look the other way when 1004 flats was sold for N7b plus while they construct a home for the senate leader for N16b plus, we decide to look the other way when our leaders seek medical help abroad and coffins are being sold outside our hospitals, we decide to look the other way while leaders hop on helicopters and we are left with blood thirsty roads.

We decide to look the other way when the psyche of our youths is so brutalised that they would carry out “ALUU4”, we decide to look the other way as our youth carry out dastardly kidnappings! We decide to look the other way while thousands of youths graduate from our now sub standard universities and become Okada riders. Should I go on…………. Fire Service, Policing, Unchecked Emissions from Cars and Generators, Open Gutterage but do we see, the average Nigerian would tell you “They are trying O”! or “This place is not a ghetto O”!

There is something fundamentally wrong with a people that allows these things to go on unabated! Can we blame our government? The answer is a big NO the atmosphere is conducive for all manner of iniquity to abound so comfortable! Afterall the peoples eyes are “WIDE CLOSED” to coin a phrase everyone hurdles in their little closet praying for God to save them alone, while Pharaoh and Goliath walk tall and plunder our Canaan like never before. Even the Pharaohs of old would be shocked at the docility of the “Slaves of Modern Day Nigeria”! Nobody physically whiping them but they are mentally whipped!

1. I Pray that the veil over Nigerians eyes is torn down.

2. I Pray that the spirit of fear that has held Nigerians down for so long is Shattered.

3. I Pray that by Supernatural force God breaks the Shackles off our feet.

4. I Pray that fearless warrior leaders will arise from among us to reclaim what belongs to us.

5. I Pray that we will become a big society and a smaller government.

5a. I Pray that we will find it within us to divert some of our personal resources to fix our society.

5b. I Pray that we can volunteer some of our time to go in as visitor lecturers in some of our Universities.

5c. I Pray that we can volunteer 1 hour of our time to teach a child to read.

5d. I Pray for an enabling environment for our brothers and sisters in the diaspora to come and contribute on a voluntary basis in their

areas of specialisation.

6. I Pray that the few corporate giants in our land will begin to give our youths apprenticeship experience

7. I Pray that our Church and Private Universities can  lower their fees and offer more of our youths a better education.

8. I Pray that a Private Technical University is Opened in the East of Nigeria so that the East of Nigeria becomes our new Silicon Valley and outsourcing centre.

9. I Pray that our corporate giants like Nestle or Cadburys could divert some funds to a kind of “Operation Feed the Nation” that will teach our youths farming skills.

9a. I Pray that our new indigenous Oil giants in the format of Marketers could sponsor an Engineering faculty in our New Private Universities.

9b. I Pray that Music Giants like Sony and EMI can find a way to help our youths who are naturally gifted in the area of the art of music become exportable material to bring in a new revenue line of foreign exchange.

9c. I Pray that an opportunity arises for a world class school of Acting and Film production in Nigeria to build our local content “Nollywood” into an acceptable brand and bring another source of Foreign exchange for Nigeria

10. I Pray that between now and 2015 the political garden begins to change that men of conscience who abound in this nation will infiltrate the scene.

11. I Pray again that we awaken from this deep slumber the kind that lead the Jews of the WW2 to the gas chambers when they could have fought the few guards. May we have the spirit of Esther that said “If we die we die” or that of the 3 hebrew boys!

12. Lastly I pray for a spirit of ACTION because Prayer without acts amounts to nothing

God Save Nigeria our own potential Canaan

English: Children at school in Nigeria
English: Children at school in Nigeria (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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