Why must these things bother me so?

Why must these things bother me so? Can’t I just go to sleep on my lovely sheets? There is work tomorrow girl what is your grief? But how can I sleep? I read in one of the Nigerian papers earlier about the Tanker explosion where 20 people where burnt to death.  So what! accidents are a daily  dosage on the roads,  nobody cares and you know what, when they happen there is always a large crowd watching or waiting for it to finish, you know there are so many people milling about the roads they just watch. Can’t the fire be put out? And the victims taking to the nearest hospital?  There is a fire station nearby but does it have water? Are the men properly equipped and trained? Or how does the fire engine get through the logjam? Did anyone call the police? Yes the police were called but unfortunately they do not have fire protection gear and their vehicles were not re – fuelled last night.

Ah so all those people are gone! I ponder at the awful wastage that is the life of the common man in an impervious society immune to pain. A society that takes a life and destroys it! A society that shatters hopes of its most valuable resource the human being. ?  A society that takes the cream of its youth and turns them upside down some of them are watching the fire, some of them????  A few of them with riveting yet inspirational tales to tell.

Human being what is that? Is it something to use to get ransom? Is it something you shoot when you are trigger happy? Is it something begging on the street? Is it something used for ritual? Is it something roaming around naked? Is it something dead on the street? Or is it something that God made in his image that deserves value and respect?

Why must these things bother me so?

Adetoro A Akinseye


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