Why I’m Going On TV – Nike Oshinowo


Former beauty queen and fashion icon Nike Oshinowo has always been on the social radar. The Centenary Pageant host is back on stage with a TV show. In this chat with SAMUEL ABULUE, the mother of two speaks about her personality and new pet project, her TV talk show among other issues

Why TV now at this stage of your career?

Everybody knows me and my hobbies which is sleeping, eating and watching TV. I like TV. I like watching precisely the kind of show that I am doing now. I want one show which gives me everything from current affairs to the happening music, movies as well as stars that are doing well like Genevieve, Omotola, while at the same time watching conversations with politicians, business leaders without having to change the channel – LNWNO is that show. I have a sense of humour. I also have a strong opinion which will be seen on the show. Nigerians will get to see that Nike Oshinowo is a well rounded human being and I have political views.

 What led to your new TV show, Night Out With Nike?

It was something I started working on since last year. Everyone knows that I’m a TV person. I love to watch different varieties of programmes on Tv, the late night shows and all that. I was on vacation with my team and we were just playing around relaxing and the thought of doing something on television came up and it sounded good, my project manager, Didi Ocheja expanded the idea and worked on it and we began to think of the values and bring my personality, what I have done over the years into this. We have a young population in Nigeria and I think I want to be able to reach them.

 So what should we expect?  

It is a late night show full of different rich varieties. It is an exciting new entertainment and lifestyle late night talk show, showcasing the best of art, culture, music, politics and pop-culture. It is a first of its kind for format and content, ‘Late Night with Nike Oshinowo,’ will eject life and fun into the weekday evenings of our viewing audience, bringing a vast array of local and international acts and celebrities from the world of arts, cinema, music and politics into the viewer’s living room. If you want politics, you will see it there as I will be interviewing politicians and engaging them in thought provoking questions. Entertainment of course will be a constant item in there as I take your artistes on different issues. Captains of industries, ordinary people doing great things will have the opportunity to be heard and it has a live audience. Nite-Out With Nike will bring out memories of great Tv shows that we enjoyed back then. Sponsors of the show include First Bank, Arikair.com, AIT and Mumm champagne. The first episode came out on November 27 on African Independent Television AIT by 11pm and it will get better as the talk show progresses. I’m hoping that people will love the night talk show and make their criticisms known, however constructive.

 What are your challenges as an entrepreneur and a fashion icon, and how do you handle criticism?

Once again, Nike wants to be a man and all that blah blah blah! As reported by the media. I don’t want to be a man, I’m a girl. Nike is a girl. I like being a girl that feels no limits. I was raised up by a man who gave me the training to believe in myself and believe in possibilities. My father trained me to have no limits. The same as any Nigerian but I’m positive minded. I love to do what I enjoy because that helps me to go on.

How can I make things better, how can I leave people better than when I met them? I am a woman but I don’t like to believe there are any limits to my dreams and aspirations. I’m the ultimate girl. I’m told that I’m a fashion icon. I’m told that I’m beautiful but that is not me. I’m someone that loves to live the life. You cannot grow without criticism.

 What is the secret of your beauty?

Apart from my DNA and family dynamics, I’m a lover of water. I take a lot of it. And I sleep a lot. The show will reveal more of my lifestyle. I’m hoping that people will tune in to the content and something beyond Nike.

 How do you relax?

I lie on the bed, I remove all my cloths and watch Tv till I doze off. For my daily routine, I exercise everyday from 6am to 7am. I love to sleep. I don’t party. People that know me know that after a certain time in the night, Nike starts to doze. For my kind of personal medical challenge, you won’t party much.

How is it having twins to take care off?

Oh it’s wonderful! Do you have kids of your own? It’s a great feeling.



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