The Christmas the people need

25th of December a day we celebrate with merriment and feasting a day in the Christian calendar we celebrate the birth of our Awesome Ruler, Gentle Redeemer, Our Living Truth, Our Friend, and Our Living Word. Almost everyone will have a meal to line their stomachs but after today we go back to status quo. Many will return to a system of 010 or 101 (one or two meals a day) without a meal a person loses his or her basic humanity, people unleash all kinds of evil on others this is what we see in our society today. Hunger and desperation is palpable in our land yet we know there is plenty.

As we celebrate in this festive season let us remember the many poor around us, which of the poor have we adopted anonymously. Which food bank have we donated too? Many will say it is governments work, yes it Is but as far as I have experienced, government does not work for the masses there are no jobs and there is no basic infrastructure there is no basic social services of food tokens.

We saw one of the governors distributing fowls the other day, this is not governance it is a mere  display of ignorance of what a government should do for its people.

There is an urgent need to devolve power to transparent educated local governments this is the governance that will be closer to the people and can really deal with poverty

The Christmas the people need is to experience Gods love on earth.


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