John Maxwell’s 10 rules for Success

Video Credit: Evan Carmichael 

I am spending the next few months studying leadership and I’ve picked John Maxwell as my eMentor for my first semester. It’s not over until you win

1. Value Today

2. Attitude is the difference maker

3. Work Smart

4.Make Trade offs

5.Add value to people

6.Lead by example

7.Ask more questions

8. NOW is the time

9.Connect and Communicate

10.Find your purpose


T D Jakes rules for Success

Video Credit: Evan Carmichael

Bullet Points:
1. Enjoy the Journey
2. Endure
3.Follow your instincts
4.Find your purpose
5.Own your own happiness
6.Value your time: Are you really effective: Time is irreplaceable: Your Creativity is in your time
7.Believe in yourself: What is your creed?: Do you know who you are? Are you what someone else is manipulating you to be
8.Turn disaster into direction
9.Hit the reset button: Clear your head
10. Give birth to your dreams: You are on the verge of perfect, regardless of the hand that life has dealt you, you need to stand up again and push.
11.Learn how to manage pressure.
12. Leadership starts at the back.
13.Change your mentality
14.Be Passionate
15. Remember you have got what it takes